Haberdashery, Let’s Swap!

According to Wikipedia, a Haberdasher is

a person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons, zippers and other notions.

And haberdashery is a haberdasher’s shop. Well, I guess we can’t swap the shop, but I like using the term as a definition of those items listed above. Which I have some of but would like to expand my collection, by swapping, with YOU! I’m hosting a swap locally on Sunday May 22, at 2:00pm but if you aren’t local and still want in on the fun, please just leave a comment here and include your e-mail and I’ll add you to the swap list. I’ll match people up and we can do something fun like create an inspiration mosaic for your mystery swap buddy and collect some haberdashery from around your home or maybe from Goodwill or “vintage shops” and then send them to said swappy partner by a specific date. How about July 1, is that enough time?  So to recap:

May 14-21 Sign up for swap

May 22 Swap partners assigned (secret partners)

May 22-July 1 Gather haberdashery for swap buddy, post a teaser to your blog, and mail out (don’t spend more than $20 between items and shipping, if it comes from your own stash, just do an estimate of the value)

July 2 Please post on your blog about the awesomeness you received in the mail and have some haberdashery fun!

Please add this button to your blog if you want to participate. (right click and save as, then link back to this post please)

Now let’s get swapping!

Happy Haberdashery,