Visit my NEW store!

Since Spring is a time of renewal, I’ve decided, after closing down my brick and mortar store in December, and the website (store) in February that I needed to shed the old “skin” or cocoon of Crafty Girls Workshop and emerge as something new and exciting! (Oh and I had a baby in March too!) So please join me at my NEW website called Urban Stitches!

Visit the website/blog

Visit the LIVE store to see all my beautiful fabrics!

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Be sure to sign up for the newsletter because soon I’ll start sending out monthly e-mails telling about shop updates and with exclusive e-mail only coupons! If you were opted in to the OLD Crafty Girls Workshop newsletter, it’s likely that I’ve transferred your e-mail over. But you can always opt in again anyway, the miracle of technology is that you shouldn’t receive the newsletter more than once as long as you used the same e-mail address.

Thanks for your support of this blog and my former shop. I assure you, that you will barely notice a difference in the excellent service, quality or prices from my old shop (except the prices might be even lower!) and the only real thing that has changed is my name and the look of the store a tiny bit.

See you on the flip side!

Happy Stitches,


P.S. I’m offering to send you a FREE fabric panel if you’re interested and would e-mail me your address and I’ll include a panel for FREE to anyone who orders from the shop as a thank you. Check out the post over on my new blog right now!

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