When one door closes…

In December of 2010 I signed a lease and moved in to a great space in an urban loft on the third floor of an OLD building. It wasn’t for an apartment (which was 400 sq ft), no, this was 1500 sq ft of room for me to have my very own sewing studio! I had been dreaming of this sort of business for at least the last two years. It combined both my LOVE of sewing with my LOVE of teaching and I’d be helping NEW people learn to sew and quilt! All the while being able to sell fabric and buy new fabrics and patterns and be on the cutting edge of it all. How could anything be better?

As time went on I was only teaching classes in the evenings and weekends so I could continue working my full time 40 hour a week job (plus all the fabric was still online so I’d fill orders as needed). It was a busy schedule but helped take my mind off my recent divorce and the people I met in the brand new San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild have become some of my very best friends.

Amazingly, after thinking I would NEVER find real love (I was a little jaded after the divorce) I DID! I met a man who is supportive of my dreams and won’t let me give them up and I know he’ll do everything he can to take care of me and our family. So this fall, we tied the knot, and now as you probably know, we’re having a baby in March!

But, with the baby coming and hubby finishing up graduate school this fall, I’ve had to think about what is truly my dream for my life. What do I really want to do and where does Crafty Girls Workshop fit into that dream? The truth is, I’ve made a TON of mistakes having this business open, but I have enjoyed it to the fullest and learned SO MUCH. I’m sure I’ve taught more almost 100 people how to make pillowcases and other projects and shown them that sewing isn’t as difficult as it seems (and neither is winding a bobbin or threading the machine).

Now it’s time to transition again. As much as I’ve enjoyed teaching, I’ve run into some roadblocks this year, especially considering that my studio, as funky and urban as it is, is on the third floor of a building with NO elevator and NO sign outside. That kinda makes it difficult to find me sometimes. SO, I’ve decided to pack up my studio and move it all home, which means I won’t have a designated place to teach anymore but I’m still going to keep selling fabric through my website. I hope that someday I’ll be able to find a good location for a studio space that works for my family and my students and I’ll be able to open up again. Please keep in touch with me since I’ll continue to post to this blog (hopefully MORE now actually) and to my Facebook page. And don’t forget you can sign up for e-mail updates through the sign up block in the sidebar of this blog.

Oh and the best news for YOU? I’m having a MOVING/CLEARANCE sale on my website! That means everything is priced to help it MOVE so I don’t have to find a place to store it after November! All the Bella Solids are $6.99 a yard, most of the printed fabric is $5.99 a yard and there are still some great deals to be had at the $5.00 per yard price point. I’m also marking down all the printed patterns I have in stock and will combine the shipping cost to save you money!

I have a few charm packs still left listed at $5.99 per pack also! It’s such a steal you should get a couple!

I hope you’ll have fun helping me clear out my inventory. As sad as I’ve been I know this is the best move for my new family and for myself.

Happy Shopping!



  1. Anna, I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner for you and your family. I know it is such a tough decision closing the studio, but we’re all on your team cheering you on for your next endeavor.

  2. You’re a beautiful and amazing woman and will be an incredible mom. I will be rooting for you in every step. Love you. <3<3<3

  3. Aww. Anna – you will do great things in life, it’s just not the time for studio space, I guess! Enjoy your new hubby and baby. Best! AM

  4. It’s interesting the twists and turns life takes, isn’t it? Things will happen when the time is right. Enjoy this next stage of your life – congratulations on your marriage and baby! 🙂

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