Work in Progress Wednesday

Remember my post about too many tops? (Uh, it was like, the last post on here, haha) Well, I’ve made good on that challenge to myself and finished quilting my first top of the challenge!

This one is from a kit I bought a LOOOONG time ago (maybe three years or so.) I’ve had the top done for probably a year (gulp) and finally put it on the frame YESTERDAY and finished up the quilting this morning. The bonus is that I had a 3 yard piece I bought that happened be in the same fabric line (Posh, in case you’re wondering) and I used it on the back, PLUS I have enough left over for the binding! Whoopee.

Here is a close up of the quilting, I just did an all over BIG loopy design, sort of makes me think of a butterfly’s path.

I also did some finish up quilting on the corner of the Robot quilt I’m making for my God son. It’s all done and just needs binding too. The Robot quilt was the first one I put on the frame that I really “cared” about. Here’s a look at that one all quilted up.

I did sort of a circuitry design, or at least that’s what I was going for. I LOVE the wonky blocks I added in between the panel blocks. You can see another picture of the top here since it’s one I finished during the SA Mod Quilt Guild retreat this year.

Here is a close up of the quilting.

I’m also HAND stitching the binding on the back of the BIG quilt top which I posted about here. I ended up sending it to my Longarm friend Danielle from Nacho Mama’s Quilt because it was really too BIG for my little quilting machine/frame. But I’m so glad I did because she did such a beautiful job on the quilting it inspired me to try this whole hand sewing the binding thing. WHAT was I thinking? That quilt is BIG! Oh well, it’s something to do when I’m sitting by the TV, in a central AC house or in my studio (104 degree weather does NOT lend itself to cozying up with a huge quilt on my lap for binding, unless there is central AC.)

The Robot and Posh quilts shown above are going to have machine binding. Mostly because a) robots is going to a child who is going to USE it and it will be washed A LOT and b) it’s super duper faster. 

I think I’m hitting a stride here and really hope to get more quilts on the frame. I also have a couple that I started quilting on my Bernina with either the stitch regulator or the walking foot and I’m sure I quit because they were too big. But maybe I’ll get motivated to work on them again some time soon. Even though I like the Janome 1600DP on the Grace frame that I used for the two quilts so far, it’s really a hassle to put the quilt on there, and a machine on a frame is not really made for doing simple straight line quilting like I did on the Oh Baby! 9 Patch.

OH and one last thing. I’ve got a guest post today over at I {heart} Naptime! I hope you’ll go check out my post about using freezer paper to save your pattern pieces.

How are YOU doing on the Too Many Tops Challenge?

Happy Stitches,




  1. Question: what type of frame do you use for your machine? I have so far just tried machine quilting without a frame (on a very small project).

    I love your robot quilt, one of my boys would definitely love it too. 🙂

    Since I only have 2 quilt tops… one that I am not loving from about 3 years ago and one I am currently working on… I am not doing too bad. But I just started quilting, and probably will have to take another LONG break when my baby girl arrives. I do have dreams of making another 10-20 quilts though. Ha!!!

    • Kelly,
      I have a Grace frame and the Janome 1600DP which only does a straight stitch and it does it really well! The entire setup comes with the stitch regulator which works really well to adjust to the speed at which I’m quilting. For small projects though, I definitely love to use my on the table Bernina because like I said, it’s a bother to put the quilt on the rails sometimes. Thanks for asking!

  2. Wow – love the Posh quilt! Way to go on getting it quilted!

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