Too Many Tops (A Challenge)

I’ve decided that I have too many quilt tops! I need to get them finished and I’m challenging myself to finish them by the end of the year 2011! Here is a picture of the tops that need to be quilted:

It’s roughly 13 tops. And here’s the kicker, most of them already have backings waiting for them!! I think I’m just addicted to making quilt tops and need to get over that. An unfinished quilt top doesn’t really do anyone much good. (And it doesn’t look the best when on display in my shop!) So, that’s my challenge, I’ve tallied up the tops and now that I’ve posted it here on the blog, I’m going to hold myself accountable. Will you join in? Leave a comment here and if you commit to posting on your blog about the quilt tops you have, maybe we’ll have some sort of prize for getting them finished (besides having more beautiful quilts in this world.) I’ll even make a special blogroll over there in the sidebar for anyone who wants to join in the Too Many Tops Challenge!

Happy Stitches,




  1. I share your dilemma! I love making the tops. I enjoy the quilting too, but not quite as much.

  2. i know how you both feel lol, love the top making but not so much the quilt it together part 😦 i now give my tops to a girlfriend to do so she can practice her long arm quilting and she in turns gives me a friendship discount 🙂

  3. You’re on Missy!!!

  4. Sounds good to me !!! Please SAVE me from myself ….. the QUEEN of unfinished projects !!!!!

  5. Karen in PA says:

    Wish I had only 13. They multiply on the shelf!!


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