Your Class, Your Time at Crafty Girls Workshop


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Crafty Girls Workshop has been open in the brick and mortar location for almost 10 months now! Every month I spend hours, HOURS, creating a schedule of the classes that I want to teach and know that people will want to take. (Thanks for all the extra suggestions too!) Inevitibly though, I’ll get two or three e-mails a month requesting a class on a different day than when I scheduled it. Usually, if no one is registered for the class that’s on the calendar already, I’ll replace it with the requested class (because I’d rather have one student than none, make sense?)

So at the beginning of July it kinda hit me. WHY am I spending so much time developing a calendar when it’s always getting changed? WHY not let YOU tell me when you want a class? I’ll add it to the calendar and other people can join in if it works for them, if not, they can shedule a class at another time. That’s pretty much what I was doing anyway, but now, when someone says “Let me know the next time you have a pillowcase class scheduled” I can say “What day works for you and we’ll schedule one right now!” Plus, now the calendar is only filled with classes that have at least one student. Instead of lots of classes that might not make because that date didn’t work for you, or you didn’t want to take that class that night.

My class times are as follows:

Weeknights 6-8pm

Saturdays 10am-12pm

Sundays 1-3pm

I just created a really cool Byte-Sized Learning (thanks Meylah) tutorial that should walk you through the class registration process! I’ll link it here in my sidebar as well as on the website so you’ll always have this nifty reference.


I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think! You can even download a PDF version of this tutorial as a printed reference.

Lastly, I’d like to announce that as of yesterday, my 3 month contract job came to a conclusion and now I’m able to run Crafty Girls Workshop full time again! (Although I am still searching for additional income opportunities) SO, the studio has extended hours as follows:

Weekdays 10am-8:30pm I will have to run home about 4:00ish to let my dog, Starbuck out, but otherwise, I’m here.

Saturdays 10am-6pm

Sundays 12pm-6pm

I’m also available by appointment outside the studio hours.

This is great news for a few reasons. First of all, if you’d like to purchase the studio membership (unlimited use of sewing machines and cutting supplies for only $25 a month) since I have longer hours you’ll have more time to come and work/play!

Also, I can do private sewing instruction and other classes during the day. If you’d prefer to do a class during the day, just drop me a line and we’ll see if the schedule allows it. As I said, I’m here so I’m happy to work with you for a class during the day time.

And finally, it means extended shopping hours! Of course, the website is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but if you are local and prefer to stop in and fondle see the fabric in person, I’ll be here!

So tell your friends, and I really hope I’ll see you around here soon!

Happy Stitches,



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