Habitat Challenge – My Blocks

Trying to figure out how to best integrate all of these variety of fabrics into one block was a real challenge! I turned to my favorite resource for block ideas, Block Party: A Modern Quilting Bee. I decided to use one of the most commented about patterns, the one from February, it’s a square in a square, then sliced and turned around and sewn back together. Here’s the quilt from the book:

The instructions were really helpful and I love that this book has such great step by step pictures. Only thing is I neglected to actually read the instructions very closely and should have made my beginning square in a square block A LOT bigger than what I wanted my finished block to be. The first one I ended up with was about 10″ square, and our challenge blocks were supposed to be 12 1/2″ unfinished. Here’s the first one I made:

I really like how it came out, but unfortnately, it’s too small for the challenge, oh well. Here’s the second one, before I sewed the four pieces back to gether, I added a little more solid, on the inside!

That resulted in some interesting secondary patterns, completely by accident! I have a couple of other blocks that I made out of this fabric when I was just playing. I guess I get to figure out what to do with those now. I really enjoyed adding in some solid to this fabric group. Granted, it was difficult because I realized my shop is rather lacking in the purple family and that’s what this set of fabrics had a lot of. That’s alright, I immediately ordered some more Bella Solids for the shop, included a pretty Abergine purple which happens to match perfectly with the Anna Maria Horner Lou Louthi line (will be added to the shop this weekend!)

Don’t forget! Bella Solids are just $5.99 a yard for the rest of July! We’re almost half way through the month, better stock up now.

Happy Stitches,



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