San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild: Membership has Benefits

Habitat line of fabrics by Jay McCaroll for Free Spirit

Being a member of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild has it’s perks. Not only do I get to be constantly inspired by some incredibly talented ladies (so far only ladies are in our group but gentlemen are encouraged to attend as well!) but occasionally the National Modern Quilt Guild arranges for us to receive FREE fabric for a challenge! WOW! Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive FREE fabric? Here is the fabric our guild received, it’s from the new Habitat line by Jay McCaroll. He’s the guy who won the very first season of Project Runway. This is his second fabric line and it certainly has been a challenge to figure out how to blend all the fabrics together. We received 8 different fabrics and while most of them have a lovely eggplant color, there are a few oddballs in there. So I was lucky enough to be the one to receive the fabric at my shop and I needed to chop it up into fat 8ths so that each member would recieve a fat 8th (9″x22″) of each of the 8 fabrics. That’s a yard each! Then, as a guild we decided what the challenge should be.

Create at least one 12 1/2″ block using all the fabrics in the group. You can only add solid or other fabric from the line. We set the deadline as the September Guild meeting (first Thursday of the month) to bring the blocks in. The blocks we create will be put together into a quilt to be donated to a local organization. Isn’t that cool?! 

We are then free to do whatever we’d like with the rest of the fabric we have left over, again only adding solid or other fabrics from that line. I must say that it is so exciting to see the blocks the ladies have already created and posted to our Facebook group! I mean, our meeting was only on Thursday last week and three of the ladies have already created their blocks! (I am still trying to figure out what to do with mine to pull all the fabrics together) One of the best things about our group is that when we have open ended projects that allow us to be creative we really excel. No cookie cutter quilts for us! Each of the blocks reflects our personalities a little bit.

Jessi chose to do a neat elephant applique.

Judy loves to work with small pieces and made an Homage to Improv Style block.

Danielle took some inspiration from the newest issue of Stitch and did what I call Pick Up Sticks, but they call a Paper Shredder style block (makes more sense when you seen their entire quilt).

Of course, I’m trying to decide how best to incorporate my wonky style into the block. I already chopped some of the fabric up and added in some of my Bella Solids to create some wonky 9 patch blocks but I’m not completely in love with them. Then last night I played with just the more purple colored fabrics and added an eggplant solid with it. I LOVED that result, but yet, it doesn’t use all the fabrics! Maybe I’ll have a little more time tonight to play with this.

Anyone else out there participating in this challenge with your local MQG? If you are please share! And if you have any suggestions for blocks, please share too!

Happy Stitches,



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