Summer Solids Sale!

Did you know that it’s a personal goal of mine to carry every single one of the over 100 different Moda Bella Solids in my shop? Bella solid fabrics are such a great go-to item to have in anyone’s stash. Moda’s fabrics have a beautiful feel to them, it’s obvious that they are up there with the best quality solids in the industry. Need a backing fabric? Why not a solid? Need to add a little more color without overpowering your quilt? Add a solid. Want something that is economical and high quality at the same time? Hmm – yeah you guessed it. Solid! It also just so happens that quilts that fall into the modern aesthetic happen to have a lot of solid in them. Even though this could evoke a sort of Amish feel to them, somehow it also appears modern.

Fresh Modern Quilts on flickr 

Check out the Fresh Modern Quilts Flickr group. It would take you quite awhile to count all the beautiful “modern” quilts that have a majority of solids in them (there are more than 25,000 georgous quilts in the Flickr pool).

I am dedicating the month of July to Solids! Each week I plan to share inspiring photos and project links that use solid fabrics in some way. In fact, check out these cool books that feature solids in their quilt patterns:

city quilts

Cherri House’s book City Quilts

quilts made modern

Quilts Made Modern

And of course my most recent favorite:

block party the modern quilting bee

Block Party the Modern Quilting Bee

Of course it helps that I’m having a Super Summer Solids Sale too!

Stick with me to the end of the month because there very well could be another GIVEAWAY that involves solid fabrics.

Happy Stitches,



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