Serious Color Inspiration!

3x6 Beehive 12 - Color InspirationColor inspiration for 4x5 quilt bee4 X 5 Inspiration Mosaic4x5 modern quilt bee colors3x6/4x5 Bee Inspiration - 2nd/3rd Qtr. 2011Inspiration for 4x5 bee
4 x 5 bee inspiration3x6 and 4x5 Bee Inspiration3 x 6 blocks4x5 Waiting List Lottery Results4x5 Inspiration Mosaic4x5 bee color inspiration
4 x 5 Modern Bee InspirationColor Inspiration Mosaic4x5 Bee - these are all blocks that speak to me, each in their own unique way.4x5 Inspiration - Pink, Aqua and GrayRed and Blue Inspiration4x5 Color Choice
4 x 5 Inspiration MosaicMosaic for 4x5 modern quilt bee: Blue, Grey, White3x6 and 4x5 3rd quarter bee color mosaic- Coral pink & Olive greenMan Quilt Inspirationmosaicbf30d50c456337caa9ff22764e8b7c7cddf03bdaColour inspiration mosaic for 4x5 bee

4×5 modern Quilt Bee, a group on Flickr.

If you need any color inspiration, check out the mosaics I found for the 4×5 modern quilt bee today. I wish I could embed the slideshow but it’s worth the extra click to go see it. These colors are amazing! I wish I could pin the entire flickr pool to my pinboards on Pinterest.

Happy Stitches,


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