Checking In

Hi, yeah it’s me again. Sorry I haven’t been around. Boy things have been busy! Want a weekend recap?

Tuesday I had a sore throat, thought nothing of it until I had to teach a class on Wednesday and realized I had an icky sinus infection (is that TMI?)

Wednesday was the Zip it Good Zippy Clutch class, and I had four students! (Sorry no pictures, my camera batteries were dead) Two of the girls were seniors in high school, yeah to teaching “young” people to sew!!

Thursday was the first meeting of the SA Handmade Meetup group! We had 6 attendees, and it was great! Very inspiring to see other aspiring creative business owners (or those thinking of starting one). I’m really looking forward to our meet up next month (scheduled for Thursday July 28, 6:30-8:30pm)!

Friday I managed to get an evening to rest a little (infection still there)

Saturday, wow what a day!

The morning was a pillowcase class with 5 students!

And right after that, a t-shirt quilt class with 5 more students! (no pictures to show because they are still all works in progress)

Then today Sunday:

Impromptu Tea Towel Class before the Popover Dress Class (three students), then a private pillowcase class!

Here’s the happy sewista from that last class:

I really do enjoy working with the 7-10 years age group! It’s so fun to see the look of excitment when they finish their pillowcase. Oh and “grown ups” can have that look too!

So, even though I haven’t been around here much, I am still alive and kicking! Just busy! (still working the 8am-4pm contract job too) But if you check in on my Facebook page, I seem to be randomly posting over there a little more than here for some reason. Plus, I’m still trying to get to 800 fans by midnight tonight so I can give away FREE FABRIC!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of the week! Looking forward to another exciting week with 2 private Crafty Biz Startup coaching sessions this week! Oh yeah, and I’m moving to a new apartment on Friday, and it’s a holiday weekend, and more fun to come, plus a special post on Tuesday, you HAVE to come back for that one (a giveaway of a GREAT book will be involved!)

Happy Stitches,



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