2 Hours Crafty Biz Coaching Special

A few years ago, when the recession was really hitting, I decided I wanted to start a business selling fabric and patterns with the hope that eventually, I’d have a sewing studio of my own where I could teach classes. As with everything else, this dream is a work in progress, but I’ve started offering what I know in short, 2 hour Crafty Biz Startup classes, on a one to one basis. Until today, everyone who had signed up for my class was here in San Antonio or drove down from Austin. Today something amazing happened.

Someone from Omaha, Nebraska registered for my Crafty Biz Startup Class.

I thought “How am I going to teach that class to someone in Omaha if I’m in San Antonio?” DUH! The phone silly! Then, it hit me, like a ton of sewing machines (OUCH):

I’m teaching this class one on one anyway, so why not do phone consultations or skype meetings with people in other states?

I immediately e-mailed the girl to set up the appointment. Then another thought went through my head:

What about all those other people out there who have commented on my Facebook page or e-mailed me about wanting to take the Crafty Startup Class whenever I decide to teach it online? I’m sure they will want to know that I am doing phone sessions now.

So now you know!  Yep, the Crafty Biz Startup is going coastal. Or global even, if you want to deal with the time zones.

If you’ve ever thought about selling your handmade products at craft shows or online, you should consider taking advantage of my

2 Hour Crafty Biz Startup Coaching for $25

If you think 2 hours isn’t quite enough to get all that info in there, or you think you’ll need a follow up session, feel free to purchase more than one! After June 30, the price is going up…to $45 for two hours! Even if we can’t schedule the session until after June 30, if you purchase the registration before then, you’ll still get that great deal!

OK, enough selling, now for a picture of my favorite quilt all washed and crinkley!

Happy Stitches,




  1. Great idea!! I’ve too much going on right now, but I am putting this knowledge in my back pocket for the future. Thanks for offering up advice like this!

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