This Says It All

Because I’ve been jealously reading posts here and here about Quilt Market and people gushing over getting to take a picture with Amy Butler (who got 4000 fans on Facebook in 24 hours!) But any non quilty-sewista-crafty-scrapbooky-chica (or boy) probably wouldn’t know who that was or why she was so dang cool! So when I saw this sign at my local Hobby Lobby on Saturday, I knew it had to go back to the studio with me.

Happy Stitches,


P.S. Thanks to EVERYONE who has commented about where you are and that you DO care about what goes on at my shop. You made me feel not so alone (since everyone seemed to be at the “ball” (Quilt Market)) and I’m glad you’re out there reading my little slice of heaven and don’t forget to stop by and comment if you haven’t already and you can still enter the giveaway for the Crochet Diva sewing patterns and some free fabric!


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