Work in Progress

I decided to try playing with some perle cotton and other sorts of thickish embroidery thread after I saw this post on Anna Maria Horner’s blog. So I played and it was fun and I’m not done yet but I took a short break. I call this piece, Perpetual Motion, because even thought I wanted to do pretty flowers and hearts, I ended up making spirals. Just like when I quilt. If you’d like to learn to make something like this, and you’re local to SA, you can take a private Embroidery Class with me. Most people would say that what is shown above is not truly embroidery and I promise, if you want to learn the “real” thing we’ll cover that too.

I also just finished this cute clutch after last night’s Zippy Clutch class. Gave it to my mom for mother’s day, she didn’t mind that it was late.

I guess that’s pretty good, only one work in progress to show (although I have another that isn’t ready for pictures yet) and one that is finished! I love those zippy clutches, and I just got in 100 NEW 8 inch zippers today in various colors. I just need to figure out how to photograph them so I can offer them for sale. Hope you’re having a stitchy day!

Happy Stitches,




  1. Oh I love the perpetual motion!

  2. I love your “embroidery”. I am not sure what the so call rules are to make embroidery but it sure looks like it to me. I wish I were in SA I would come and take the class with you. I love to do embroidery.

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