Yes, I can sew!

A few weeks ago a friend and customer of mine commissioned me to make a skirt for each of her grandaughters. She just said, “Use the aqua with red flowers” as her instructions for the skirt. I immediately went to the You Can Make This website because I knew they would have great PDF patterns plus I could get it right away plus, they specify in their product descriptions if the pattern designer gives permission to make and sell items from the pattern. That’s important to me for a couple of reasons. First, I want to support pattern designers from many places and I love to get PDF patterns, second, I feel that if a designer doesn’t want me to make and sell items from their pattern, I’ll respect that and give my business to those who do. So I found this great Apron Skirt pattern (I left off the apron) and it was written by a company called Little Lizard King. The instructions were pretty good and I didn’t have to print out an 8000 page eBook, it was just roughly 10 pages. (It didn’t really help that I tried to print it back and front and somehow switched the pages around and then stapled it backwards, but the result was still a great skirt!)

I’ve finished the first skirt, and here it is:

Cute, huh?

And here is some detail of the decorative stitching I did on the edge. Instead of just straight stitching the hem, I decided to use a decorative stitch that my sewing machine has, it gives it a little extra pop and holds down the hem as a bonus! Of course, I feel I can NEVER go wrong with the combination of these two fabrics. The first is Aqua Lil Plain Jane and the border is called Red Dumb Dot. So, one down, next to make a second one.  I love sewing.

How about you? Have you made anything fun lately?


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Happy Stitches,




  1. Very Cute! I love the little flowers detail.

  2. Very cute skirt! I love the decorative stitching & fabric choices. =]

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