Welcome to the New Century

Samsung Galaxy Tab with Wifi

I have just ordered this for myself. I am SOOO excited! It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab (tablet PC). It’s kinda like an iPad but different, it’s smaller and uses Google instead of Mac. I think of it as a need to have item for me in the 21st century. Do I already have a desktop PC? Yes. Do I already have a mini latop/netbook? Yes, but it’s also my cash register. This new Tab will be my portable PDF pattern reader! (BTW, if you want one too, you can click the picture above and order it from Amazon!)

 Lately, I’ve been finding TONS of tutorials I love or PDF patterns that are totally awesome. In fact, the NEW issue 5 of Fat Quarterly which is an ONLY online/electronic ezine is now available and yes, it’s 90 pages of AWESOMEness, but I can’t print that and take it to my sewing machine. And dragging my latop over there isn’t any fun either. So yeah, I need this Tab. Plus, I JUST got access to start selling Jennifer Paganelli’s amazing patterns which are ALL ePatterns or eBooks. Well, one of them is 151 pages, which is AWESOME for the details and pictures, not awesome for the paper and ink it would take to print all of that. I figure that if I can just view it on my new TAB then I can use it right there next to my sewing machine!! Yippee! This is the wave of the future! (Oh and the Kindle and Nook apps are pretty darn cool too) SO it’s gonna be a long 5-8 business days, waiting for the TAB to arrive, but it will be worth it.



  1. You just got a Galaxy Tab because you want to make a cute carrying case for it… Fess up, come on… Actually finding a way to productively use it was just your justification for buying it. 😉 😉

    Just Kidding… I’m a gadget freak. Although I have not taken the plunge with a tablet, it has been tempting. And, yes, I would make a case for it, although probably not one that would qualify as “cute”…

    Have Fun with your new toy, uummmm, I mean your new TOOL. Yes, that’s it, have fun with your new productivity tool.


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