Sketch In Update

Creative Sketch In Set Up

Yesterday was the totally awesome Sketch In here at Crafty Girls Workshop, facilitated by Leslie Tucker Jenison.

 Here is a little peek into what we did.
First we had to have a warm up to get over a fear of the blank page.

Doodling with both hands

Once we were warmed up we talked about different types of papers and pens, especially watercolor paper. I had fun doing a watercolor wash on some paper with water soluble crayons and a baby wipe. A lot of people do this to give their journal pages a base and, of course, some color.

Then Leslie introduced a fun activity from a book called Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists (that’s us!) I can’t wait to get my cool Samsung Tab so I can get the Kindle version of this book!

The activity we did from the book was called Picasso Dog, and here are mine (I can’t believe I’m sharing these with the world).

I think they sorta look like something from Monsters, Inc. The fun part was coloring them in with the Awesome PITT markers! So, of course today I had to run out and buy some amazing new watercolor paper and NEW journals to play in. I hope I can post more about that later. Maybe some of this will turn into a quilt or inspiration for a quilt some day. I can’t wait until our NEXT sketch in which we already scheduled for Thursday May 19. I hope you can join us!

Happy Stitches (and sketches),



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