Super Adorable Pattern

I never really played with dolls much as a child. The American Dolls (like the one above) were not really invented yet (geez, that makes me feel old). But recently a friend of mine asked me to list her collectible dolls on eBay or Craigslist for her for a commission and while I was researching them, I came across Julie (pictured above) and decided she was meant to be part of my studio. If you aren’t familiar with American Dolls, they began as a series of books with a main character in each book that was from a specific time period. I am not quite sure if the dolls were originally part of the books or just came in later. Now, I think it’s more about the marketing (and eating at the American Doll restaurant in NYC or Chicago or even Dallas) than it is about history. But Julie, the doll you see above, is from the 60’s/70’s time period. And the dress she is wearing is NOT from that time, but I think it sort of has a little GoGo look to it. Here’s the cool part:

I made the dress, last night!

My good friend, Danielle from Nacho Mama’s Quilt called me and told me about this great FREE pattern on the Oliver + S blog. I thought yeah, it’s cute, she said it would be a great class for the summer months at my studio (and it WILL be a class!) I wasn’t sold on the idea, until I saw the doll dress pattern! Well, that’s what sold me. I didn’t have a child to make the dress for, but I do have a doll! I was really amazed that I, who have NEVER made anything other than a not-too-successful-skirt and lots of quilts, would be able to follow a pattern and make a DRESS! And it’s SMALL! But I figured, if I had to make something and make a mistake, I’d rather do it on a small scale than larger. But it went really well, and I just love how it looks. So now Julie has a new dress! It’s difficult to see in this picture, but I did a decorative stitch around the hemline using a flower stitch on my sewing machine. It sort of looks like the flowers in the fabric.

Well, now I’m branching out into the world of garment sewing, but I also want to make Julie a little doll quilt! There is an amazing pattern in the 101 Patchwork Projects magazine for a stacked coins doll quilt and I think that is definitely in my future (and Julie’s).

Happy Spring everyone!




  1. anna — I have a bunch of patterns for American Girl Dolls — I have a very simple one that you make out of felt (less edging that way) I’d be happy to send you a copy! Also, the fabric I ordered came today — LOVE IT!! Aunt Debbie

  2. adbaylor says:

    ooohhhh…I was going to make Lillian a skirt from this material for her birthday, but I might have to change my mind. I wonder if I could easily make it for her since she is smaller than a size 2? hmmmm

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