>New Classes at Crafty Girls Workshop

>I’ve just finished the schedule for March AND April and posted ALL the classes to the website!

One of my favorites isn’t even a class, it’s this:

Starting in March, I will be hosting a monthly book club with the book called Rule-Breaking Quilts. This book is totally fantabulous!!  It speaks to everything I want to accomplish in my Rule-Breaking ways! It throws tradition out the window! OK, enough with the exclamation points already! So if you sign up for the book club, you’ll receive the book PLUS a bundle of BEAUTIFUL cross weaves from Moda, 12 Fat Quarters!!! This is the perfect start to get you on your way to make some RBQs (Rule Breaking Quilts). Ok, so are you ready for the ABSOLUTELY coolest part!? This book club, although we’re going to have two chances each month to meet and discuss what we’ve made and support each other, is ALSO open to online folks! I’m going to have PRIVATE blog set up that ONLY book club members have access to for posting pictures, their comments, their concerns, all sorts of stuff. I think it will be a perfect marriage of my local people and those who are in other cities, states or even countries! (We might even have monthly drawings.) So don’t be shy, hop over there today and sign up for the book club. Oh, did I mention that book club members will receive a special coupon good for the duration of the entire club!? That’s a year! Yep, you can use it to purchase your supplies each month for the next month’s project. This book starts out with basic straight line modern design, RBQs and then even branches out into sewing the dreaded curves! I highly recommend the book AND the club! Well, I’ll have more to post very soon, but now I need to get home.
Happy Stitches,

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