>I Dream in Color


I was inspired on Wednesday to start on this quilt. I finished quilting it today, it’s about 18″x22″ and I had so much fun making it! I think I’m going to stretch it over a canvas and hang it on the wall. I want people to be able to touch it because the quilting caused the neatest texture. I also absolutely LOVE the STAR threads I had to play with. They are varigated and just absolutely a dream to quilt with. I might have to do a different quilt just in the blues because I love those colors so much.

I don’t think this picture even does it justice. (Sorry, still trying to figure out the Macro setting without actually reading any tutorials about it.)

In other news, did you see the new link on the sidebar under my sponsors!? It’s Michelle Webster’s pattern company called Keyka Lou. I’m now an affiliate which is totally AWESOME because I LOVE her patterns. I’ve used the Easy Eco Market tote in a class a couple of times already and it’s incredibly easy and fun to make! Her instructions are SO easy and her PDF patterns actually have links to specific posts on her blog with more details! How awesome is THAT!? Here’s an eco tote I made just recently.

So I highly encourage you to stop by her site, but please do so by clicking the link in my sidebar. Oh, and that fabric in that picture above? It’s ON SALE in my shop! Well, it’s been a busy and productive week and weekend for me. How about you all, working on anything exciting?

Happy Stitches,



  1. >That bag is gorgeous!I'm just about to finish my very first scarf, I'm very excited about learning to knit.

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