>Busy with Trees


Happy Holidays to All
Here’s the tree in my studio. It’s much prettier in real life (sort of like me, haha).
Here’s another tree I’ve been working on, just today a little bit. I’ve been dabbling in something called ThreadPainting. I’m sure I’m not doing it exactly right, I haven’t had the time to watch the YouTube videos yet. But it’s been super fun playing with some new variegated thread I got at Quilt Market.
Here’s what it looks like:
It’s sew fun!!
That is all done with thread.

Pretty don’t ya think?

In other CLASS news, I finished listing A TON of classes on the website today. Registration is officially open! Class sizes are limited so please drop by and sign up ASAP.  Click on the link for Classes on the left or the Class Calendar. Well, the weather here hardly feels like Christmas but perhaps that will change this week, you never know here in Texas. Sometimes it’s warm and the next day it will be fridgid.
Happy Stitches,

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  1. >Anna, I think BOTH of your trees are gorgeous! 🙂

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