>Scrappy Birthday to ME plus a Fabric Giveaway!

>(Cue birthday song)
Scrappy Birthday to me…

For my birthday this year I want to give all of YOU a chance to get a gift! I’m sew excited to be participating in this:

 By giving away this: 

 Isn’t it pretty? It’s a box chock full of lots of cottony scrappy goodness! It is ALL 100% cotton from the best manufacturers and quilt shops. These are mostly from my personal stash of scraps (and there’s more where this came from!) Yes, that is some of the Daisy Chain line from Amy Butler in there in the corner. You’ll see that show up in a quilt or two some day in the future. So do you want to know how to enter? It’s easy!

 Leave a comment to say HI! and tell me what YOU did for your last birthday! oh and tell me what you’d do with a box full of scraps.

That’s ALL you have to do! (You must include a way for me to contact you) If you happen to surf around on my blog and see other posts you like, then please follow me or if you visit my online fabric shop and like the fabric shop, please sign up for my at-least-once-a-month newsletter for coupons and news about specials. (Rumor has it that I might just pack some more scraps into scrap bags and sell them for an AMAZING price on my website…) Or you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. But you don’t have to leave an extra comment for that. Oh, and don’t forget to visit Jodi at Pleasant Home and say HI over there too!

I’ll select a winner using Random Number Generator on Friday October 29 before I head out to Houston for the Fall Quilt Market (SOOO excited about that!).

And here’s the absolutely, positively, bestest best thing about this post! A COUPON CODE!

Enter the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to get 15% off your entire order!!

Hurry because this code will only last until October 31 at which point it will turn back into a pumpkin!

Happy Stitches,


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  1. >Hello and happy birthday! Last year I was pregnant and prepping for Halloween. I would use the scraps towards quilts for my daughters or to make doll cloth diapers for my 2 year old's doll.sahmofdq@gmail.com

  2. >What did I do for my last birthday…I was in the hospital on bedrest! I'd make baby shoes with the scraps, etc.jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  3. >Scrappy birthday to you! For my birthday last year, i had a huge evening planned, compete with funny Tshirts to get made…. BUT life got in the way! My husband got activated 10 days before, so it ended up being just a calm dinner with my mom at Olive Garden. But he did get me my sewing machine before he left! BEST.PRESENT.EVER! I have 3 weeks to figure out this year's birthday… it would be fun to celebrate MY birthday with YOUR scraps! And use them for one of the many scrap quilt patterns I'm hoarding…. er, saving for later use!

  4. >….I don't even remember what I did for my last birthday so I guess it was uninventful. Hubby did get me a gift card to Ericas Quilt store so it was a good birthday πŸ™‚ I'd love to start making some of those mug rugs I've been seeing on the blogs, scraps would be perfect for that!

  5. >I love scraps!…and a winning a box full would be awesome………..HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  6. >Happy Birthday! I'd love to have your scraps to do make some little notbook covers. On my birthday, last March, I went out to lunch at the best burger place in my town and then took my clock to the clock repair shop. I am happy to have it back now and listen to it's chiming each day. So, I have a memory of my birthday several times every day!

  7. >Am I first?My last birthday (30:) I did a giveaway for Quilters from Poland:) and I have a party for my close friends:)If I win, I would do some scrappy quilt for sure!

  8. >I'd either use it for appliques, or make a set of quilted letters for Christmas. πŸ™‚

  9. >On my last birthday, I don't remember what I did. I do remember being very tired because I had thrown my friend, Iris, a surprise 40th party. And, I was gearing up to throw my husband, Matt, an even bigger (and supris-ier) party in May. This March, I turn 40. I'm sure I'll be sorry for all the parties I insisted on throwing.

  10. >Hi! Happy Birthday! For my last birthday I went on my honeymoon in Mexico! It's going to be hard to compete with that now. I have a feeling this year will be slightly more low key.I would make a fabulous scrappy quilt if I had a box full of scraps, I definitely need to work on my scrap collection.Thanks for hosting such a wonderful give-away!

  11. >Happy Scrappy Birthday! I went out to dinner with my family for my birthday! that's our usual tradition. I joined the Scrap Along over at Pleasant Home but after sorting my scraps I realized I don't have many. Your scraps would really help me keep up with the scrap along. Thanks!

  12. >Surprised that I'm the first one! My birthday is on the 4th of July so everbody always celebrates! Spent it this year in Seattle visiting. I have many uses for scraps–purses, quilts, paperpiecing and just to sit and look at the pretty material! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. >Hi! I spent my last birthday with my family. For my birthday present to myself, I put the kids in front of a movie and caught up on my sewing!

  14. >Yummy fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm off to check out your blog!

  15. >Oh no, I'm the first?! Oh well, it's great to find you and I know I will be doing some shopping later on. Crossing my fingers for those beautiful scraps:>)

  16. >Happy birthday! At my age I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday. I would make scrappy quilty things with your pretty scraps.

  17. >Scrappy birthday to you!Jodi sent me. Like this place, Gonna hang out here…looks like fun! And btw, Lily Bug in the post below is just a-dorable!!!!!I'll have fun with these scraps. I want to experience some scrappy love. With a new house to decorate, I see something home decor-ish ahead. Maybe a scrappy, colorful tablecloth for my dining room!

  18. >Happy Scrappy Birthday! Don't you know that intelligent, beautiful, creative people were born in October? My birthday was just over a week ago. I didn't do much, but had a great meal with my family. If I had your yummy looking scraps, I would start on one of the many cute quilts I've bookmarked lately online.Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  19. >Oh, I love scraps! I would put them into a large and I mean large, scrappy ABC quilt that I am starting for my Sister's School. She is the Principal and needs some cute stuff to spruce up their new little school πŸ™‚

  20. >Happy Happy birthday to you. I hope you are fortunate enough to spend the day with friends and loved ones. On my last birthday I went hiking with family and had time to sew. The perfect day. I would love to use some of your scraps in a wonky squares quilt like the quilts Jodi shared. They were awesome.

  21. >Happy Birthday! Let's see – last birthday? I went out to dinner and then had cake, etc – in Florida – away from the cold of northern Illinois! I'm using up scraps to make quilts for our wounded soldiers through Quilts of Valor! I would LOVE to have your scraps! Have a great day!!eem2848 at sbcglobal dot net

  22. >Happy Birthday! My birthday was in August, it was pretty low-key, my family celebrated with me. We had chinese food and pound cake with buttercream icing!Thanks for the chance.

  23. >I love scraps!!! for my last birthday we went to a Brazilian restaurant , and then went and played bingo at a bingo hall (i've never done it before and really wanted to)trulyjuly@juno.com

  24. >Happy birthday from a fellow Libran! Lovin' your scrappy birthday gift to others!We were actually traveling on my birthday which in this day and age of travel is not always fun.

  25. >happy birthday!! the best present i got for my last birthday was some stress-free sewing time – woohoo! :)great giveaway!bess

  26. >On my last birthday I spent the day with my husband and three children. We went out to eat then came home and spent the rest of the day together (my favorite thing to do.) If I win your scraps I would probably make another coin quilt. I have made two and love them. Thanks for the chance. Phyllis pwilson6@bellsouth.net

  27. >Hi!On my last birthday I was recovering from giving birth to my first child, a baby girl! Talk about the best birthday present ever! I also handed out fistfuls of candy since my bday is on Halloween!And scraps? Well, my little girl is going to need some do quilts, and my hand towels could use some serious loving too!

  28. >We flew to DC to visit my sister for my last birthday. One of the best birthdays ever! I'd make a scrappy tote bag with all of the scraps. Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway

  29. >Happy to you. My Anna celebrates her sweet Sixteen in a few days. I had some great lunches and dinners with family and friends this summer. I love scraps to make string quilts. yours are lucious.

  30. >Last year, I just try to have a few moments in the morning to be thankful for everyday I get to be here!! Happy Birthday to you!!!I'd make a (actually, my FIRST) quilt!! Thanks for the shot!candy at fiber dot net

  31. >Happy Birthday! On my last birthday I had a roller disco birthday bash extravaganza! Haha, that just means we all dressed up in hot pants and glow sticks, and went to the roller rink. It was a lot of fun. I LOVE to make scrap quilts so these would go to good use.

  32. >Hi! I turned 30 last birthday and I spent the day with my family! I would love to make a scrap quilt like on the pleasant home blog! I love it!

  33. >I'm thrifty and love scraps. Last birthday turned 51. Ate ice cream to celebrate! Have a very happy birthday!

  34. >Scrappy birthday to you! Last year seemed to be one of those…….oh, I'm another year older kinda birthdays. But that is mostly due to the fact that the year before was a "big one!" I'm still a new sewer so I'd probably cuddle with the scraps for quite a while before finding the perfect project. Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. seamstosew says:

    >Happy Birthday! Last year I celebrated my birthday with my new husband and a couple of friends. I'm a new quilter and have been wanting to make a string quilt, but I don't have a very big stash of scraps yet!

  36. >Happy Birthday! I spent my last birthday in San Diego, thrift shopping with my sister. I am headed there again in a couple of weeks for a repeat birthday weekend! I think I would use the scraps to make doll quilts and accessories for my nieces for Christmas. Amy.c.Schroeder@gmail.com

  37. >Happy Birthday! Last year's birthday was not too memorable but this year is my 40th! and the next day is my 20th Anniversary! I used to think I needed DIAMONDS, but this year I'm thinking SCRAPS! I am dying to make a spiderweb quilt! Definitely need scraps for that! Hope your day is just the way you want it! Thanks for sharing!

  38. >Happy Birthday to you. My last birthday was last week and we had a nice family supper. Nothing fancy, just being with my family. If I won the scraps I'd start working on a lap quilt for my living room.Heidi

  39. >My last Birthday we had a Pool party and cookout with all of my friends, it was a great day! I would use the scraps for the scrappy sew along. Thanks

  40. >A very happy birthday to you. thank you ever so much for being so generous and sharing such a wonderful lot of fabric. I would definitely do a quilt.Last birthday was very quiet as all the children were overseas!

  41. >Happy Birthday to you! Spent my birthday cuddling with our 11-day-old newborn son. Wow! that was six months ago. We could always use scraps here. I'd probably start a scrappy quilt or use for various small projects. Scraps are rare around here as my young daugthers usually swipe them for their own projects.

  42. >Happy Birthday to You! Hope it is a wonderful day. For my last birthday my husband took me out to dinner and a nice evening. If I win your scraps, they will go into a beautiful scrappy quilt. I love scrappy quilts!

  43. >Happy Birthday to you! My husband shares my birthday, but we actually weren't together for our birthday this year–I was camping with the kids while he was busy with our big church festival. When we were all together again, I baked a cake and we celebrated a belated birthday. I would love to make a scrap quilt–I just need some scraps to make one with (I'm a new quilter, and don't have many scraps yet!) Thanks for the chance to win.ktyoung1(at)gmail(dot)com

  44. >On my last birthday my husband took me to Portugal – we had a fabulous week until we tried to come home!!! THAT volcano had erupted and it took us another week to get back to the UK – a holiday best forgotten!!!Gill

  45. >Yes! Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing the love. I got to celebrate my b-day in September by checking out a fabric store in downtown Denver – Fancy Tiger.I'm working on my first quilt full of hexagons…so these lovely scraps would be fun to add into it!waiteforcarolyn@gmail.comwww.waiteforcarolyn.blogspot.com

  46. >Happy birthday to you! I love to use scraps. Last birthday I ate ice cream!

  47. >Scrappy Scrappy BirthdayI'm really Glad I came To enter your Scrappy ContestThis Contest is the Best!!!I went to a Family Reunion My sister and I had not been able to attend on my father's side in about 20 years! So much fun to see all the cousins and the only living aunt (from 11 brothers and sisters) two weekends ago! Great Fun and love the scraps and chance to win!Teri Dingler tdingler@bellsouth.net

  48. >Happy birthday! I am doing quilting for my girls' new bedroom and would love some wonderful scraps to incorporate. For my birthday, I spent a long weekend with my best girlfriends from college – no kids, no husbands. It was bliss!

  49. >Last Birthday, dinner with family and friends….this birthday – a sewing day! Forget breakfast in bed, deliver it to my sewing machine! Love the scraps, I would machine applique a flower wall hanging for my daughter. Thanks!

  50. >My last birthday, we went camping. We always go camping for my birthday because it falls on Memorial Day much of the time. Your scraps look delicious.

  51. >To be honest can't remember what I did for my birthday last year. However, it is my birthday in 2 days so I would LOVE to get some scraps to celebrate this year. Happy birthday to you too!

  52. >Scrappy Birthday to you. Hope you have a great one. Don't really remember what I did on my last birthday. But if I were to win your scraps I would enjoy hours of mindless scrappy sewing to make many scrap happy quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. >Happy birthday to you! Last birthday I had a lovely gardenparty. Was just great! Thanks for the give away!

  54. >Happy birthday and thank you for the giveaway! My birthday is in 2 weeks time, and I really can't remember what I did last year, I think I came to work :0( Oh yes, me and my now-husband-then-fiance had just been to York for a long weekend and had eaten out lots so we didn't want to go to a restaurant. He cooked me steak with beetroot – delicious! Best birthday ever was 2 years ago – a trip to NEW YORK! So what do I want the scraps for – to join in Jodi's scrap along, I dont' have any scraps, not a sausage!

  55. >Happy, Happy Birthday! I am trying to remember- but I believe my b-day last year involved me making my own birthday dinner (though, I am sure my husband made it up to me somehow!) This year, I turn 30- so that one will be hard to forget! I have really been into crafts/projects that use up scraps (and my stash is fairly limited at the moment) so I would be thrilled to win yours! Again, Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway!beckygeupel at cableone.net

  56. >This year on my birthday, I just spent time with my husband and children. It was a great birthday. Thanks for sharing your scraps!

  57. >I'm so excited to look around your cute blog. For my last Birthday I didn't get to do anything, my kids had just started back to school and my husband was busy at work. Just for that sob story I deserve to win. :o) If I win the scraps, I'm going to try my hand at the scrappy blocks from Pleasant Home.Happy Birthday to you!

  58. >Happy Birthday to you!!! I had a friend that had a nice birthday dinner for me this year. I think I would make another scrap quilt that Jodi has a tutorial for. It's been alot of fun. JoAnna

  59. >Hi Anna – A very happy b-day to you! (mine is Friday!) Last year my husband sent me on a hot air balloon ride w/ of of my friends for my b-day! FUN! I am a new quilter and would love love to make some scrappy quilts – need more scraps though. I loved reading your blog. Signed up for the newsletter and am a new follower. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing your scraps πŸ™‚

  60. >Hi, I"ll be singing Scrappy Birthday to myself all day now. Thanks. I just had my birthday and it was so much fun… I took all the free birthday coupons you get in the mail from companies and went "shopping" with my girlfriend. 20% off michaels, $10 at Victoria Secret, a free movie at Regal, (i had to buy the $5 drink to get the Free popcorn though), a free coffee at starbucks, and even a $5 build a bear treat. Hee hee. It was so much fun and I didn't even feel very guilty.

  61. >Last year was a quiet one. Went to dinner and celebrated with family. I would make a doll blanket for my granddaughter.

  62. >Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate. For my last birthday I was 8 months pregnant, so i made myself a German Chocolate cake and stayed home wishing I wasn't so huge! I love making log cabin blocks so that is probably what I'd do with a box of scraps. Thanks for the giveaway.spackattak7 at hotmail dot com

  63. >Happy birthday! And happy birthday to me *when* I win your scraps. πŸ™‚ My last birthday was pretty much like any other day except I went on a date with my husband (and I didn't have to plan it or find a babysitter!) and we ate delish seafood and walked along the boardwalk at sunset. I'd use up the scraps to bring some life into my own and make a string quilt for summer.

  64. >Jodi sent me over to wish you a Happy Birthday! I can't even remember what I did last year for my birthday…I'm too old and my memory is getting worse :)If you won't mind to mail to Canada, please enter my name in the scrap draw. I would breed your scraps with mine and come up with a very interesting offspring!

  65. >On my last birthday I thought I was having a quiet dinner with my husband and daughter. When we arrived at the restaurant my whole family was there, brothers,sisters, nieces, nephews everybody. The surprise was it was all arranged by my 17 year old daughter.

  66. >Happy Birthday To You. For my last birthday my Hubs bought me the the little car I had always wanted. What a great suprise for me! Hope yours turns out as well. Thanks for the giveaway.Itsmelealee@gmail.com

  67. >Happy Birthday! I follow your blog on my Google Reader and enjoy it very much. For my last birthday I spent the day scrapbooking with my best friends, then my hubby and daughters took me out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. Thanks for the chance to win these lovely scraps.

  68. >Hi! Happy Birthday! I can't remember what I did for my last birthday… I think my husband & kids took my out to Olive Garden! I would start my own wonky block quilt if I won your scraps! Here's my inspiration:http://www.pleasant-home.com/2010/10/my-method-for-sewing-wonky-style-block.html

  69. >Happy birthday! It's my birthday on Thursday this week!Last year's birthday was spent suffering depression and stress over the loss of my teaching job due to my being diabetic but this year I'm planning on spending the day sewing and crafting.If I was lucky enough to win the gorgeous box of scraps I'd design a project to celebrate my silver wedding last week and that could become not just a wonderful memory of an amazing year but also a family heirloom.Happy birthday again! I've been following you for a while but as I'm gearing up into serious crafting/sewing mode I shall be a more visible follower… I promise;-DBlessings,Amandahttp://sewretrosoyou.com

  70. >A very Happy Birthday to you!!! My birthday wasn't even a month ago but it still took me a minute to remember what I did. It probably wouldn't have been very exciting to most people but I had a kid-free day with the hubs. We went shopping and to dinner. I can say I did not miss the constant chatter coming from the back seat which normally includes but is definitely not limited to: "mommy I need to go to the bathroom" or "mommy what are going to do this day" or my least favorite "hey stop talking, I'm trying to talk."All in all it was a GREAT day and I hope yours is too! :O)

  71. >On my last birthday I celebrated with my family – we took a bunch of family pictures too. It was a memorable time! If I won all those scraps I would make some funky log cabin blocks for table runners. Thanks for the chance!!

  72. >Wishing you a Happy Birthday! I'd love to use your scraps for Jodi's scrap along. My sweet hubby took me out to a lovely dinner for my last birthday πŸ™‚

  73. >Great scraps! I would love to win this.

  74. >happy birhday, my last birthday I went to the phillies game with my wonderful family. reenieburke@gmail.com

  75. >My last birthday was in september and was also my sister's birthday. We both like fabrics, so we went shopping some fabrics together.Happy birthday to you!

  76. >Hello Anna, nice to meet you, and wonderful happy birthday wishes to you! On my last birthday I just lounged around then went out to dinner. When you're past 50, celebrations start to slow down. If I won your scraps I would continue with Jodi's scrap project. Thanks for the chance to win.ttr3@earthlink.net

  77. >Happy happy birthday! I`m pretty sure that last year I was on a cross country ski trip when my birthday came around. I would love your scraps as I sewed them into a scrappy quilt.

  78. >Well happy birthday to you. My birthday was just a few days ago. Just celebrated at home but that is nice too! What would I do with fabric scraps…why make a scrappy quilt of course! oh, and maybe a scrappy tote bag or two.

  79. >Happy Birthday!!!! I usually have to work on my birthday.

  80. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On my last birthday I had a "me" day – very rare time to myself – and I finished up the last of my Christmas gifts. We make all of the gifts we give, and of course I had some last minute stuff! I would probably use a box of scraps to make potholders to go with the aprons I am giving this year! Karin

  81. >Happy Scrappy Birthday! Please pick me for scraps. I love polka dots and would probably use them in some of the charity quilts I make.It's my birthday month, too. jan2win@aol.com

  82. >Hi & Happy birthday! What did I do on my last birthday? Not much of anything, really. As for what I'd do with a box of craps, the pinks would go into a quilt I'm currently working on, the rest? Maybe a crazy quilt.gevin13{at}gmail{dot}com

  83. >Happy Birthday! And thanks for the chance at your scraps. I love to play with scraps, and can never get enough. As for my last birthday…who can remember? πŸ˜‰

  84. >Happy birthday! We live in the San Francisco bay area. So last summer my brother took all us a boot ride from the boat harbor to Jack London square in Oakland for lunch. It was very fun and my husband got me an iphone. I would use the scraps for some bee blocks and I would continue on with my scrappy spiderweb quilt top. thank you and hope you have a great day.

  85. >Hello! Happy Birthday. I'm here via Pleasant Home. I'd love to win your scraps and would make a scrappy quilt like Jodi has been showing on her blog. My last birthday was early July, and I attended a 4th of July gathering while recuperating from surgery. My next birthday can only be better!

  86. >My last birthday was on FRIDAY! and I hung out with my two kiddos and my very bestest friend ate LOTS of take out and cake it was wonderful!And I've been dying to make a coin stacker quilt and this box would be a perfect end to a Scrappy Birthday to me weekend!

  87. >last bday i had just gotten over morning sickness so i pigged out on cake! and scrap quilts are my fav and i've been wanting to make a new 9 patch so thats what i think i'd do.

  88. >Happy Birthday, I turned 68 on my birthday which happened to be Oct 1 and I was making a big move that day. I would make my first scrap quilt which I have never done and they are really exciting.

  89. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! If you were here (panama city beach, fl) you'd be enjoying a kinda cloudy day but hot and humid too… perfect day for the beach. For my birthday last year, I was under the impression that drinking 8 shots of tequila was the best way to get rid of an incredibly painful toothache. um yeah, haven't touched tequila since! now what would I do with those scraps… lots! but I've never made a quilt before and I really want to make one, preferably a "ticker tape" quilt. Perfect for scraps! Thanks for sharing some of your loves with us πŸ™‚

  90. >My last birthday was spent unpacking. We'd just moved to a new home (woo-hoo!). It was okay because my new house was an excellent birthday present. I'd love your scraps. I'm in the process of making some of Jodi's wonky block scrap quilt and patchwork style scrap quilt and I'm running out of scraps (shocking! I never thought that would happen!). Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. >Happy Birthday! For my last birthday my husband gave me cash and sent me to my favorite fabric store with instructions to spend it all. Free time + cash + fabric = the perfect birthday present. πŸ™‚ I'd love to add your scraps to my "collection" so I can round it out a little!

  92. >Happy Birthday to you! My last birthday was my 40th. My husband took me out to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. My almost 2 year old daughter pitched one helluva fit. We spent the evenings taking turns taking her outside to calm down. Ugh. Hope yours is more enjoyable!Thanks for the great giveaway! I've been wanting to make a string quilt and these scraps would be perfect.

  93. >HaPpY bIrThDaY! My birthday was last month, and we celebrated with a big family dinner and I didn't have to cook!!!I will use the scraps to make a quilt for my daugther!

  94. >Looks like a lot of fun in that box! My last birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I spent it at home with my boys. Not fancy, but a nice way to usher in a new year.

  95. >Happy Birthday. For my last birthday I stayed home all day – drinking coffee, and reading books. A true lazy day for me.

  96. >Happy Birthday!My last birthday included a surprise overnight stay in the city from hubby. Then touring the farmer's market in the morning (and visiting a favorite quilt store). I'd use the scraps to make some pretty pillows – some for keeps, some to give to others. Thanks!

  97. >Your scraps are AWESOME! I would LOVE to win some;) I really can't remember what I did on my last bday but I can tell you what I'm dreaming of doing on my next on Dec 12. I'm dreaming of unwrapping the most awesome serger out there…Babylock Imagine…but it's unlikely that will happen. Maybe before my next bday;)

  98. >For my last birthday, I had a retirement party from my job. I am loving retirement, and spending a lot of time creating quilts. A box of scraps to add to my own, to create a scrappy quilt.

  99. >Happy Birthday:) Do not remember what I did this year but 2 years ago on my 41st bday I found out I was pregnant with my surprise baby:) I am going to make her a doll quilt for the pram I am going to make.

  100. >Hi and Happy Birthday, I would love to make a scrappy quilt for my new granddaughter. Last year for my Birthday, well I think I was trying to forget it.

  101. >Happy Birthday! Last birthday – memory has been shot since having twins…did get a digital SLR that I don't use as much as I like. The scraps would definitely be alternated with a solid in some lovely scrappy squares!

  102. >Happy birthday! I went to a fancy restaurant (my favorite).And I'm on a rose kick now so I'll make tons of roses from the scraps πŸ™‚

  103. >firstly, HApPy BiRthDaY to you!mine was just on the 5th! and i woke to greetings from my kids in Amsterdam and LV :)then i did up a great birthday party post, headed out to lunch with a girlfriend, afternoon icecream blizzards with my son, and dinner out with another friend! woohoo FuN! thx for celebrating yours with us too!as to what i'd do with your scrappy box?i make 'security blankets' for children from abusive homes who come into shelter… your brite colours are PERFecT for this! thx for asking :)) and have a Blessed DaY !!

  104. >Happy birthday Anna!! I hope it's a great one =D Last year for my birthday, I took my family out to dinner to a restaurant they love. It was great sitting around at the table seeing how happy they all were! Best birthday present ever!!

  105. >Hi! On my birthday – my oldest son took me to the movies (which is my favorite place to go) and my youngest son sent me a gift card to Kohl's (which is my other favortie place). It was a great 51st!I would love to win the scraps! I am a new quilter and so far I don't have many scraps to choose from and the scrap quilts look enticing and easy enough for a beginner. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  106. >Yummy Fabrics! Happy Birthday.Well mine was in May and I turned 63 years young.As you all know its just a number.We always celebrate with our kids and go out for dinner. Nobody cooks on their birthday.I love working with scraps and making those one of a kind quilts.

  107. >Happy Birthday and I don't know what I did last year…..too many birthdays to count.I would love you scraps and thinking of string or crumb blocks.Billie

  108. >Hi Birthday Girl.On my last birthday, I celebrated with family & friends and a Dairy Queen cake…..my favorite. A boxful of your scraps would add such beauty to my boxful that is waiting for that perfect project.

  109. >I was surprised with a party from some of my friends. I am a New Year's eve baby, so sometimes it can feel kinda weird. But the party was fun, and made my day!I would love the scraps to put in a sampler quilt I am working on. Hope your birthday is fab! Thanks!

  110. >Oh Happy Birthday!!!!! I worked on my last birthday, then went out for dinner with my husband and kids! It was nice. I would love to have some of your scraps! I would use them to make a quilt, maybe a bag, or a little zippy pouch! I would definitely have fun with them!! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!!!

  111. >Hi Birthday Girl,On my last birthday, I celebrated with family & friends and a Dairy Queen cake…..my favorite. A boxful of your scraps would add such beauty to my boxful that is just waiting for the perfect project.

  112. >Happy, Happy Birthday. Would love some of your scraps.

  113. >Happiest Birthday wishes to you!! What a fun way to celebrate! πŸ™‚ My last birthday was in February & my hubby took me on a nice dinner date (a break from our very fun-loving, rambunctious toddler!) I hope you have a special day! πŸ™‚ These scraps look wonderful! πŸ™‚

  114. >I celebrated my birthday with my kids and hubby!! I would love to make a scrapy quilt!!suzannebake@gmail.com

  115. >Happy birthday! I was sick on my birthday so I didn't do anything. I'd make a scrappy quilt!

  116. >Happy Birthday! Do not remember what I did on my last birthday,it has been almost a year ago. I expect hubs took me out for dinner.

  117. >I came here via a post at Pleasant Home. Your scraps look so enticing, and it's kind of you to share them with one of us–on your birthday.I enjoy liberated patchwork which calls out for scraps of all kinds.My birthdays are always spent with family–the best way to celebrate.

  118. >On my last birthday I celebrated with my husband and another couple at a waterfront restaurant – food was yummy! I would make a block style shirt for my daughter! Would just love to have the fabrics.

  119. >My birthday is in a couple of weeks…so it's hard to remember that far back. πŸ™‚ But I really I don't think we did anything at all! Lame, I know. Hopefully this year we'll do something fun! :)Happy Birthday to you! And thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! I would love to use up all of your scraps!Teresa

  120. >I'm here also from Pleasant Home. What did I do for my birthday? I celebrated it with family, and everyone pitched in and bought me an expensive camera I had wanted. Now, if I could just get them to pitch in their money this year and buy me an AccuQuilt GO!, then I'd be happy as a bug in a rug. And if I won these scraps, you know darn well, I'll be making a scrap quilt. It's always so neat to look at a finished quilt and see scraps from someone else's stash. What a neat way for me to remember you.

  121. >Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!! Oh, on my Birthday my husband fixed me dinner and I got phone calls from my grown babies!!! It was a good day.Now, I love the looks of your scraps, they look fabulous! I think I would add them to some scraps I have and make a scrappy throw to cover up with this winter.

  122. >Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with love and laughter. For my last birthday, I had a nice meal out with my hubbie and one of my daughters. I think if I won your scraps I would love to try making some a wonky block table runner and place mats.

  123. >I am celebrating a birthday this week too! Happy Birthday! I would love to win scraps for my birthday (as I plan on doing quite a bit of sewing on that day!

  124. >I went shopping at a Quilt shop for my birthday! I would love to make a quilt with your scraps and some of mine! tHANKS FOR OFFERING!

  125. >Happy birthday…and many more, too! Thanks for the chance to win some scraps!

  126. >Such a nice giveaway. My last birthday my grandkids came over for a birthday tea party. I love scrappy quilts and can certainly put your lovelies to good use. Thanks for the chance.

  127. >Happy Birthday!!! For my last birthday, I went to a Colorado mountain town, the same one my husband has taken me to for each birthday for the last 26 years! We love it there and it's not too far away. i just donated all my scraps, so I would love to win these. If I did, I would love to make a quilt and donate it to Project Linus or some similar organization.Thanks for the opportunity!

  128. >Happy Birthday! For my birthday we usually head out to our local park for the annual tulip fest in May. We missed it this year due to rain, rain and more rain! So, instead we headed inside to a yummy seafoon dinner at my fave place.I would make a quilt with a box of scraps to donate to our local hospital for the pediatrics and baby units. Those precious children need all the extra love and warmth they can get.Thx for the giveaway!

  129. >Happy Birthday. I love to make scrappy quilts. I am sure that I spent my birthday with my family. The older I get the more forgetful I get. What am I writing on your blog for? Oh yes wonderful scraps. Thanks for sharing your ideas and your scraps. mdwelectric@comcast.net

  130. >Happy Birthday! My birthday was the 3rd of this month. I had a wonderful dinner with my grown children and then presented my daughters with scrappy quilt tops . They were so excited. I would use the scraps I won to start on quilt tops for my grandchildren. What a good idea!!I love your blog too!1

  131. >My last bday was my 40th and I cried 😦 My husband went out of town, no cake, no ice cream, no presents. BUT I survived πŸ™‚ I would make tote bags and lap quilts with a box of scraps!!

  132. >Hi, Anna! Happy birthday – mine's on Friday, so you could pick my name and make my day!! Great looking scraps, which would come in very handy for our quilt ministry! Last year for my birthday I went out to dinner with my family – husband, daughter, son-in-law, and nearly 2-year old granddaughter – I think that dinner will go a little better this year now that she's had a whole year of experience with restaurants!

  133. >Happy Birthday! Oh I see some lovely polka dots. A "dotty" quilt would be a lovely birthday present.

  134. >Last year for my birthday, the hubby and I went to Fort Lauderdale on a little trip I won from theknot.com. I had never won anything, so it was super! Maybe this can be my second win!

  135. >For my last birthday – I celebrated all week. Dinner out, a movie (Avatar 3D), golf, and dinner with my family. Thanks for a chance to win your scraps – I love scrap quilts. Hope you have a great day for your birthday!!

  136. >I'd love to win these scraps… And a very happy birthday to you!!!

  137. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Last year I celebrated my birthday with a quiet day at home with the family. Hubby and the kids made me breakfast in bed, and then we just spent the day at home chillin'. It was wonderful.I've been making scrappy hot pack covers to auction off next month for charity, and I would love to put your scraps to use in those.

  138. >I can't remember my last birthday but I'm sure I spent it with my husband as I always do! I'd love to win your scraps – they look like they'd be happy to be in a quilt.

  139. >I had dinner at my son's house on my last birthday. I would make a scrappy baby quilt. Happy Birthday.

  140. >Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ I spent mine with my Mom… having brunch, then a walk around downtown and we just enjoyed the day :)caitlindevlin@hotmail.com

  141. >Happy Birthday! My husband gave me a great starter set of embroidery thread for my birthday and we had a nice dinner together. I want to make a scrappy quilt and your scraps would be a welcome addition. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. >Happy Birthday to US! I'm looking forward to my birthday this year… because I'm going to win your wonderful scraps giveaway on my birthday this Friday! My birthday celebration will include my brother's Halloween hotdog cookout and hayride where he brings the kiddies by my house for THE candy stop. Last year my mother and I went out for my birthday lunch. With your scraps, I can join the Pleasant Home scrap-along because as a new quilter, do not have many scraps. Thanks for the fun. alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  143. >On my birthday this year, my husband and I went for a day trip in our 1940 Ford pickup. Had a great day ending with a catfish dinner.I'm working on my Scrap-Along blocks with Pleasant Home. Would love to add some of your scraps to my blocks

  144. >Happy Birthday, I hope you do something fun on your special day!!! I went to NYC to celebrate mine and my son's birthday. It is a tradition. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  145. >last year i was pregnant, so very quiet! i am in the middle of trying to finish a log cabin quilt, and am out of scraps, so this would be perfect!!

  146. >Happy Birthday!!!! Me and my son share our birthday, well I'm on the 28th and he's on the 29th, so we usually share a cake and try to pick out a place to eat that we both like. He's 17 now, so celebrating together is okay with him. lol I am pretty new to quilting, so my fabric stash is pretty small, so if I won your scraps, I'd add them to my piles so that I can start working on the scrap quilt that Jodi showed us how to make at Pleasant Home. πŸ™‚

  147. >I would love to win your fabric scrap giveaway!! The fabric could be used for so many things like wallets, handbags, handmade fabric dolls, wall hangings, tealight bags….I could go on and on… I love to spend my birthday outside on a nice sunny day (in July) and then go to dinner with my family! thanks for the chance, patti

  148. >Happy Birthday! I don't remember what happened on my birthday… It was last January! I'd love your scraps! I'm hoping to make a scrap quilt soon….Amyhttp://www.homeschoolblogger.com/booklover

  149. >Happy Birthday and thank you for your generosity! On my last birthday I had a great dinner with my family at a local German restaurant (yum!). I am looking for more scraps for a string quilt because I'd like to try one soon.

  150. >My husband took me out for lunch and shopping for my birthday. Fun! Hope you have a fun filled day too. Thanks for the chance to win your scraps! Since this started up on Pleasant Home, I've decided I'm making scrappy quilts for my 2 granddaughters.. I want them small enough to be dragged around, snuggled under and much loved!

  151. >Happy Birthday. I retired near my birthday and took a road trip through upstate NY. Fun, Fun. Thanks for the giveaway. nanasew at gmail dot com

  152. >Hi and Happy Birthday! My last birthday was just another day, no celebration. Both my sons did remember to wish me HB though which has not always been the case. If I'm lucky enough to win your scraps I will add them to some scraps from friends and some of my own that I'm saving to make my first ever scrap quilt. Haven't decided on a pattern yet, but I know for sure that at some point I'll do a string quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to win your scraps.

  153. >Happy Birthday!! We went out for dinner with some friends for my last birthday, (which was almost a year ago, my birthday is on the 31st). This year the family is going to go to a football game at the college my son is attending, I'm looking forward to it. I have two scrap quilts in progess, so I would use your scraps to add more variety to my quilts. Thanks for the chance!gvkortus at skybeam dot com

  154. >Happy birthday! Last birthday I went to Vegas and won money! I would make a sweet baby quilt with my scraps

  155. >Happy Birthday!! I went out to dinner with my husband and did a lot of sewing,it was relaxing! i would make some cathedral windows with these scraps!

  156. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have loads of fun. My birthday is St Patrick's Day so I usually am drinking at least one green beer and eating cornbeef & cabbage. I would make a string quilt if I won the scraps. Thanks for the giveaway.

  157. >Happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day! I spent my last birthday at the beach with my family and friends, it was really lovely πŸ™‚ thanks for the giveaway, I would love to give your beautiful scraps a new home!

  158. >Happy Birthday! For my Birthday I went out for a romantic breakfast with my husband whilst the children were at school and then had cake and Birthday tea when the children came home form school. With the scraps I would make super cute softies and things to go in the children's Christmas stockings. Great Giveaway, now following. Thank you!

  159. >I really can't remember what I did for my last birthday – which means I'll have to celebrate much better next time around! Count me in – I'd love to play with your scraps!

  160. >Happy Birthday…. My last bday was a typical day of homeschooling and then the family took me out to dinner. Scraps…just beginning to quilt, so I'm collecting scraps to get the nerve to try a random quilt of colors vs a set pattern and fabrics. Thanks,Rhondadavisohana5@gmail.com

  161. >Happy belated birthday! Mine was yesterday too! I had to work but I also got to see Hubby working on my present, my very own design wall! My crowded work/library/craft space has required us to do some tweaking (a whole wall, are you kidding?) so it's not done yet but it's Proof Positive that he really does still love me, and that's a fine gift after 17 years of marriage.

  162. >OMG, I love your blog and I love your scraps and Happy Birthday!! My last birthday? I worked and then was taken out for supper. Not very exciting but I've gotten to the age where I'd like to just pass the ole birthday by.

  163. >My last birthday was just a regular day. Family was busy. I would love to win your scraps to make a scrap a military friend of my son's.

  164. >Happy birthday to you!A box full of scraps?? Oh, please enter me! I would make a sewing machine cover, a notebook cover, pencil cases…My last birthday was a working day but my husband and kids took me out to dinner and gave me lots of presents; I was very spoiled!Thank you for the great giveaway!ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  165. >I didn't do anything for my last birthday. No one in my family remembered.

  166. >Happy birthday! My last birthday was on a Saturday of a long weekend (the best!). My family and I went 4-wheeling for the afternoon. When we got back we got Greek take-out for supper. Our tradition in our family is that on your birthday you can pick whatever you want to have for supper. For everyone's birthday I make a cake. My husband doesn't think having birthday cake is a big deal so I never get a cake on my birthday (not even store bought, not even if our kids try to convince him). Instead of being mad at him I decided this year I was going to make a cake for me (a little gift for myself). I think I'll make it into a tradition. Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. >Last birthday of mine was just a regular day, but the evening was great..when you are as old as me it really is just another day..I would love to win your scraps and try my hand at a really scrappy quilt..

  168. >I spent the day with my family, I would love to make a scrappy quilt for cuddling up on the couch with my dog.

  169. >Happy Birthday!the best birthday was the year hubby gave me a mani/pedi and a day off from being mommy :)Those scraps sure would make a nice addition to a quilt πŸ˜‰

  170. >would love to use your scraps in the background for my star quilt! very scrappy backing planned! dinner with my hubby for my last birthday! so nice to enjoy each other w/o kids for a spell! thanks for a chance.

  171. >hi! my last birthday was my 21st, on st pattys so I got my first glass of green beer! πŸ˜€ I would love to use your scraps to attempt my first scrappy quilt, i've got some of my own but not enough yet!thanks!

  172. >Yesterday was my birthday. I did absolutely nothing for it. But I did spend the entire day entering giveaways hoping that my birthday would signal good luck in them LOL. As for the scraps I'm just starting to learn how to quilt so any and all scraps are appreciated. giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com

  173. >Hi! I got you a great gift! A new follower! πŸ™‚ That would be me….lollet's see last year we had my MIL down for a visit and I had some chocolate cake! πŸ™‚ That pretty much makes me a happy lady! Me and my girls would put these "scraps" to good use! Thanks for the opportunity~!

  174. >I can't even remember what I did for my last birthday. Our baby was only 4 weeks old. I think I got to take a nap!

  175. >Well, firstly, scrappy birthday to you! What an awesome idea for a giveaway! :)For my last birthday, my husband took me out to dinner with my then almost 2 year old, to a Japanese steakhouse, which was so much fun. Half the fun was my little boy's reaction to all of the cooking in front of us. I think going to market would be an even better way to spend a birthday, though!!

  176. >What I did on my last birthday…I got fitted for my wheelchair. I am having problems from back surgery and now I have no feeling in my left leg…YUUUUK!So what I would do with all the scraps you ask…I want to make a quilt big enough to cover my lower portion when I go out since it will be getting colder soon!Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway!!!http://lisa-mypage.blogspot.com/

  177. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For my birthday last year my husband and I got to spend it with my family (500 miles away). It was so great. We went to a waterpark, and lived it up.With a box of scraps I could do anything. I don't have very many scraps at all, so the possibilities are endless (although I like Jodi's wonky blocks)!

  178. >Happy Happy Birthday, from all of us to you – we wish it was our birthday so we could party to Ole!For my last birthday I went to a late dinner with my Spouse and went to the fabric store. I want to make a string quilt from scraps just like yours!

  179. >This is sad, but I really don't remember what I did for my B-day last year. That is why this year it really needs to be memorable! I am turning 30 ya know! I would make a string quilt maybe?!

  180. >Happy Birthday to you. Every year, my husband gives me $100 to spend at the local bookstore. Then we go out for lunch. That's my idea of a happy birthday. Thanks for the chance to win your scraps.

  181. >I love fun free fabric!! Happy Birthday!! My husband surprised me with dinner and a bunch of friends for my 30th b-day!staci@justsewsassy.com

  182. >I would be thrilled to get a box of scraps! I went out for dinner for my last birthday. I need to get someone to make me a cake like I make others:)

  183. >I was actually on vacation on my last birthday, and my SIL and I did go to a few fabric stores. What better way to spend the day?! I have been wanting to make a string quilt, so if the scraps are strippy, that's what I'd do. If not, I would do something like what Jodi did with the different size scraps — just sew them together and square them off. Thanks for participating in this fun giveaway and scrap-along.

  184. >Happy Birthday! I went out to lunch with my husband and adult children. I'd love to make a scrapy quilt with your scraps! Thanks for the opportunity to win them!Gail (malggl@comcast.net)

  185. >Happy Birthday! and thanks for sharing the wealth of your beautiful scraps! Last Year on my birthday I spent quiet night at home with my oldest daughter and dog. Two kids were away at college and DH worked 3.5 hours away. Next year, though, he's sending me and the girls on a cruise! We can't wait!Susan in NCsusie.galasso@gmail.com

  186. >I love scraps! Next on my list is making some placemats for our kitchen table so they would probably go towards that project. Last year on my birthday my in-laws were in town and my husband was just finishing up finals. Not the most fun birthday but nothing to complain about.

  187. >Hi! My last birthday was the 6th of this month. I bought myself 2 new rulers. :o) Otherwise – nothing! I guess the family forgot this year… oh well.

  188. >I couldn't remember my celebrations for this year…but I keep a journal for me and my kids so I thumbed through that. Looks like my son gave me a sweet gift, wrapped in his baby blanket…hand drawn card and some sweethearts because (in his words…) "Mom, they are hearts and I love you and you love me." Isn't he great?? The kids stayed up late with me while we waited for their dad to come home so we could do ice cream. While they waited we watched the olympics. **in the back corner of the scraps there is an orangeish scrap of quatrefoil fabric…it looks like a board that i just hand painted for a friend for her birthday gift***

  189. >This year for birthday I went to breakfast with my BBF and my kids. Then I went home and took a nap, then hubby came home and made me dinner. I have just got back into guilting and would love to have the scraps to make a quilt.

  190. >This year went to breakfast with my 2 BFF and childrea, took a nap then hubby made me a catfish dinner.I just got back into quilting and would love the scraps to have to make a scrapy quilt. Your scraps will be by treasurs

  191. >Happy (belated) Birthday and YAY for October birthdays! My birthday was two weeks ago and it was a flop. Nothing went well. Hopefully next year will be better. :)I would probably use the scraps to make a scrappy bag pattern I've had my eye on and also for appliques.

  192. >Happy Birthday.I hope you had a wonderful day.For my last birthday, I am pretty sure I went out for dinner alone with my husband. We live 4000 miles away from all of our family and don't get out alone very often. I think that I might make a mug rug or 2. I am nearly finished my hexagon quilt that I am making as a gift and might use the scraps to make one for myself.Thanks so much for a fun giveaway. Brenda

  193. >My birthday last was spent as usual. A call from my daughter and a card late in the afternoon from hubby because he forgot. (again) I would use the scraps for a variety of things from wallets and change purses to bags and potholders, etc. dollartistcarla at aol dot com

  194. >Happy Birthday! I spent mine this year sick with the first trimesters – it wasn't quite festive! I love patchwork and am excited to see what I could come up with with new scraps!shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  195. >Happy happy. Gorgeous scraps – they will love coming to join my rather dull looking scraps and helping me get inspired with the "scrapalong":) Mmm last birthday I resigned from my job of 10 years that I loved. So it was a happy/sad sort of birthday. Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grown up!!!! Ciao

  196. >happy birthday! last year, i got a new macbook laptop and then went to Disneyland! we got some lunch at Chick-fil-A and went back home. i want some new scraps!sparklysam14@gmail.com

  197. >Hi! Happy Birthday! I don't remember what I did for my last birthday … went to dinner with my hubby? I would make lovely patchwork bags with a box o' scraps!jessica at jessicatorresphotography.com

  198. >Happy (belated) birthday!I had a great lunch with my closest friends on my birthday…and allowed myself to do whatever I wanted (no "to-do's" or must do's!) I'd love to use your scraps with my scraps and make some scrappy quilts for a friend that's had health problems…she uses her ratty blanket when she goes for dialysis…I'd make her something pretty!Thanks for your giveaway!meri_drake@yahoo.com

  199. >Oh, enter me for all that delicious fabric! last year I went to AppleBee's for my birthday with my husband and kids….A scrappy lap quilt would be an idea. I'm also working on a ragg quilt (pirate themed) for my 10 y.o.patti

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