>What do you think?

>You might notice I’ve tweaked the layout here a little bit. Do you like it? I’ve added some links under the heading so that I can put some extra information in an easy to find place instead of cluttering up my sidebars. I’ve also put a sidebar on either side of the blog post. I think it makes it a little more balanced that way. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Well, I’d better get myself ready for work. Already running WAAAY behind because I wanted this update done right now!
Happy Stitches!




  1. >The new look is great, Anna! I understand what you mean about relegating other things (ummm, dishes? laundry? 😉 to the back burner to get your blog squared away. I've done that before, too. :)Have a great day!Amy

  2. >My two cents…..I like the link bars at the top – it makes them easier to find. And I like sidebars only on one side – but I think that it is an OCD thing and maybe not a design preference?! I still love your color combinations 🙂

  3. >this looks much better, with the sidebars on each side and the easy to find links! How is the new job going? Hope you are enjoying it!

  4. >Amy, Actually, I relegated going to my real day job to the back burner! Oh well, managed to get there in decent time considering the traffic.Anna

  5. >Looks cute!

  6. >I like it ! How is the new job going ?

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