>Spill the Beans Sunday

>I’m sorry this post is rather late today. I’m suffering from a stomach bug but just felt the need to get out of bed and post this. Guess I needed my blogging fix, haha.
This week’s topic:

What is your dream job? If you could do anything and get paid a “living wage” to do it, what would it be?

My dream job is to own a sewing studio where I can teach people how to sew and make cool projects. We’d also have fabrics (of course) and it would be a fun and vibrant place where people are always learning and excited about their projects. And to be honest, I’m working as hard as I can to actually make this dream a reality, we’ll see if it comes true some day.

Your turn to spill the beans, I’m looking forward to learning about you.

Happy Stitches,



  1. >Sorry you aren't feeling well.My dream job would be to open up an antique/crafters consignment mall. Someday…

  2. >Like you, I'm working on making my dream job–a working artist–a reality. I've got a list of projects I want to work on: books to write and produce as comics, stand-alone work that I'd love to see in magazines or on textiles, and various related items that are too numerous and miscellaneous to mention.

  3. >Hi Anna, I'm living my dream job except it's not keeping up it's side of the deal (yet). I always wanted to own a quilt store, to teach and be surrounded by like minded people. Opening a store at the start of a recession has made things tough but I can ride it out and wait for all to come and visit – after all it's my dream.hugs, Miche'le

  4. >My dream job would be to own and run a bookstore. I love the idea of being surrounded by books all day.

  5. >Dream job?? Either a full-time writer or an actress. 🙂

  6. >I would love to own my own craft store/ home decor store! I would also just love to be a stay at home mom.

  7. >I've got it, truly I love me job as a writer/designer/craftanista! I'm not rich from it but I can support my habit of creating!

  8. >Hi Anna, I would definitely come to your workshop! I would either have a cooking studio to teach classes, or own a catering business.

  9. >To be a full-time blogger/cultural commentator. If I didn't have a "real" job, I could probably write a book, too.

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