>Friday Follow


Friday Follow

Last week I found this nifty group of ladies who host something called Friday Follow. I added my blog to their list and amazingly over the course of the week had lots of new people visiting this blog! It was really fun to be “found” by so many people. So this week I’m really going to participate. I’m adding the button and spreading the word. Hopefully some will come by and bid on that quilt!

Happy Blog Hopping,



  1. >Thanks for stopping by Trendy Treehouse! Have a wonderful weekend!!Tara

  2. >following your lovely blog on Friday Follow!

  3. >Anna, thanks for the sweet comments. I love how SITS helps us discover fellow crafty bloggers:) I'm now a follower of yours too & looking forward to checking out your shop's goodies!

  4. >This is neat, I've never seen it except on Twitter. I'll have to check it out next Friday!Stopping by from SITS! HAPPY SATURDAY SHAREFEST!Teresa <><

  5. >Stopping by to return the follow. Thank you for visiting. Felissawww.felissahadas.blogspot.com

  6. >Thanks for following my blog! I'm following you back now!Happy Friday!Hannah @ HappilySouthernwww.happilysouthernreviews.blogspot.com

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