>One Pattern, Endless Possibilities

> Isn’t this pattern adorable? It’s sooo cute and versatile and reusable in so many ways! You can use it to make little onesie dresses for your daughter, grandaughter, neighbor’s children, best friend’s baby, the list goes on and on. It only takes a standard onesie and 1/2 yard of fabric! Look at all the cute options we have right now for sale that are already cut into 1/2 yard pieces!

Here is a cute bundle of Snippets by American Jane.
It’s getting harder to find this fabric. But it happens that we have a 1/2 yard bundle!

Check out this lovely group of holiday fabrics from Sandy Gervais!
All 1/2 yard cuts, there are 11 fabrics in this bundle and they are already prewashed for you!

These are just a sample of the many fabrics we have that would be super adorable made into little onesie dresses for your (or your friend’s) baby. I think I’ll try and make up a few since I have a friend who is having their first baby girl in October. Her name is going to be Lily and we happen to have some adorable fabric called Lily Pond that would be perfect! I’ve also started adding the patterns from our Etsy shop to our New shop, so that you can purchase yardage for a pattern at the same time you buy the pattern and the precut fabric, it’s your one stop shopping destination! I hope you’ll stop by and check it out! More gift suggestions tomorrow!
Happy Stitches,



  1. >Very cute! Love those fabrics! Very cute blog 🙂 Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂

  2. >Thanks for sending me to your sisters site, I really enjoyed it. I've enjoyed yours too, so check out my blog because I gave you an award! 🙂

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