>NEW Fabric Roll Call


Simple Abundance…..check

Mill House Inn ………..check

Aster Manor …………..check

Rouenneries ……………check


What types of precuts do we have?

And guess what else? We also have plenty of patterns to go with these precuts.

So stop on by our shop and say hello! If you can’t purchase today, that’s alright, just mark our shop or the item you {heart} with a heart and be sure to tell your loved ones where they can find that list. We’re also happy to make up a custom gift certificate if you would like, in any amount, NO SHIPPING required on the gift certificates! Until next time.
Happy Shopping and Happy Stitches to You,
Anna and Regina
The Crafty Girls


  1. >Ooooooo!Don't you love SITS!? W/o them I never would have found you! I'm not a quilter but my sister is- here I go to link y'all up!Come visit me!

  2. >Oh very nice fabrics there.gail

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