>****ATTENTION: If you do not have a blog, please include your e-mail address in your comment! Otherwise I won’t be able to e-mail you if you win! Thanks!*****

Yes, it’s true. The Crafty Girls have decided to be generous and give away one charm pack of your choice of the following three packs. What is a charm pack? It is a collection of 5″ squares, one of each fabric, in a complete line. This usually comes out to about 30 fabrics. These are great for a variety of projects such as tote bags, aprons, and even quilts. Here are the choices, I’ll explain the rules in a second, for now, eye candy! (Thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for the use of the pictures of these collections, they are not sponsoring this giveaway, but they have wonderful pictures, none-the-less.)

Choice #1

Aviary, sooo pretty and soft and pastel!

Choice #2

Beach House by Blackbird Designs, so muted and vintage.


Choice #3

Wonderland by MoMo is fun and funky fabric and so cute!

Now, that you’ve seen the choices, you may be wondering what the catch is. Well, I definately want you to comment here on the blog to say hello and of course tell me which charm pack you would want should you win, but I want you to do something else for me too. Go to Crafty Girls Workshop and look at the various items we have for sale, then come back here and in the comments share which item in the shop is your favorite and why. I’m going to be out of computer world for a few days because I’m going on a little vacation (don’t worry, Crafty Girl Regina will be checking for orders, hint, hint) but I’ll do a drawing from the comments and announce the winner NEXT Wednesday, which also happens to be TAX day! Thanks for visiting and I am looking forward to reading your comments!


Crafty Girl Anna



  1. >Woo hoo, I’m the first to comment! I definitely like Charm Pack 3, and I like the Charming Tote best.

  2. >ooo! I love the ooh la la bag, but the bibs would make great gifts for some people I know 🙂

  3. >I like the Prairie Paisley tote!Beach House is the charm pack for me.Thanks for offering these!mrshuntinak AT msn DOT comhttp://waynehunt.com/happenings

  4. >I really like the purse pillowcase kit – too cute! And red/black are my fave colors :DI’d love to have Aviary – and make something for my mom. If it were for me though I’d go with the funky Wonderland :Dwww.siblingcraftery.commindboggld at gmail dot com

  5. >would love the wonderland charms!I love the pillowcase kits in your shop! Casey

  6. >I would have to pick the Wonderland charm pack.I personally like the fancy burp cloths. They bring a bit of beauty to a not so pleasant task.Thank you for hosting this great giveaway.

  7. >I love the “Bright Dinosaur” pillowcase kit… my 4-year-old is really into dinosaurs. And the “Wonderland” charms are just so bright and cheerful.

  8. >I love the wonderland charm kit! My favorite item is the funky fairy pillowcases, because I love pink!maumauisginger(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. >What a great giveaway! I love charm choice number 3 and I am praying to all the gods to make sure luck is on my side, PLEASE!!!As for your goodies on etsy I LOVE the funky purses kit. I like it for two reasons… I love kits so that I can make things myself. Secondly I LOVE the purses fabric, way up my alley. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. >I love that button blanket. I’m sure my kids would like it, but I think I’d have to keep it for myself. I really liked that Aviary charm pack until I saw the Wonderland charm pack!maxandellie{at}gmail{dot}com

  11. >I thought I commented, but I hadn’t signed in yet, so who knows! I think your button blanket is adorable. And I love both the Aviary and Wonderland charm packs. So cute!maxandellie{at}gmail{dot}com

  12. >I love the Wonderland by MoMo! Also, I really like the diaper bag from your shop. I don’t have a baby, but I think it is just so uber cute. onlyoneuknow [at] gmail [dot] com

  13. >I would love the Wonderland charm pack! I like the bibs and burp cloth set; I have a bunch of friends having babies this summer!

  14. >I heart the quilt in your shop…it looks so soft and sweet! And I am all about the Wonderland. 🙂

  15. sugarbug says:

    >I like the fancy burp cloth set-very cute! I would choose Wonderland for sure, with Aviary second.

  16. >Charm Pack #3 is perfect for my projects. From your store I like the Fancy Burp Cloths and the Retro Flowers pillowcase kit.

  17. >I love the Button Box Blanket, looks so soft, sweet and snuggly!I would choose Wonderland, being a traditional sort of lady.Thanks for the chance to win.Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  18. >I love the retro flowers pillowcase kit, that would really brighten up a room! Especially along with a quilt using those Wonderland squares! Thanks for the giveaway.sandyandcosmo@yahoo.com

  19. >I love the large baby bag. I guess it is wonderful to me because I love being a grandmother! I love the charm square collection of Beach House! It is a gorgeous set of fabrice! Plus.. I love the designers and am a great fan!

  20. >How fun! I love Wonderland! The embroidered pillowcase is gorgeous! Beautiful work!

  21. >Thanks for stopping by my blog – I love yours!!! And I’m in love with the wonderland pack – it’s beautiful!!!

  22. >Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love this blog too!! And the wonderland pack is beautiful!!

  23. >Looking at the shop I think that the train pillowcase is my favorite because my son is currently obsessed with trains 🙂 And the Wonderland charm pack is wonderful! Such fun!

  24. >I totally dig the Hand Embroidered Pillow in the shop.I would love to make some things with the Wonderland charm squars.rumblegirl at gmail.com

  25. >I love the Momo charm pack – such great colors! And from your shop, the pillowcase kits are such a great idea! My daughter would love either of the dinosaur prints – that’s her new obsession lately!Jenniferjennifereladd at yahoo dot com

  26. >the fairy flowers pillow case is precious. i love the rickrack detail, and the hand embroidered pillow is beautiful too!

  27. >My favourite is the rosey pillow cover, Love the ties detail. As for the charm packs it’d have to be the Wonderland set.

  28. >I really liked your patchwork pillow and the idea of pillow kits. That sounds like it would be a fun project. And out of the charm packs – perhaps wonderland is my favorite… so hard to choose.brookebrookemadams at yahoo dot com

  29. >I think my favorite is this pillow case kit: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22990298I love the color of the flower fabric!! Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to win the Wonderland charm pack :-)Contact:librosfera(at)gmailc(dot)com

  30. >The Ooh La La bag to cute. The charm pack I like is wonderland.

  31. >I like your embroidered pillow. Very pretty. Thanks for the great giveaway! I think I would choose Wonderland, although it is a hard choice.spackattak7(at)hotmail(dot)com

  32. >The button box blanket looks so wonderful. My little girl would love to cuddle with me under it! The Wonderland charm pack is awesome! Beach House is pretty cool too!

  33. >I like the baby gift set. Great idea for a new mom. The Wonderland fabrics are my faves.

  34. >Hi. I love all hand embroidery, so your hand embroidered pillow is my favorite. I love charm pack 3 — I just bought a small piece of wonderland for a doll project.chris.stalnaker at gmail dot com

  35. >I love the hand embroidered pillow. I just bought a small piece of wonderland for a doll project, so I would choose charm pack 3. Thanks for having the give-away.chris.stalnaker at gmail dot com

  36. >I love all 3 choices, but if you made me pick one, I would have to say Wonderland, because it is so bright and cheerful! In the shop, I love the fancy burp clothes, but I’ve been leaning toward baby stuff for a few months now, so that’s no surprise! The flower one on top is too cute for words!

  37. >Well, I’ve gotta go with the Diaper Bag, it is absolutely adorable. It’s girlie and funtional all in one. Love it! Thanks for the link to your etsy. I really like Wonderland, but maybe more so Aviary! Tough choice. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. >I love the Fancy Burp Clothes. My friend just had an adorable baby girl (and, since I have two boys), I just love picking up or making her things!Oh, and I heart the Wonderland fabric. I’ve been stalking it over at FQS!

  39. >I really like the diaper bag…very cute and the bee’s are super fun. Aviary for me, I hope! :)amandamarie313 [at] gmail [dot] com

  40. >Oh, I love the Pillowcase Kit- Funky Purses! Lovely! My favorite charms is the 1st collection – Aviary! So pretty!! Thanks!

  41. >i think the embroidered pillow is just precious…and so incredibly special since it’s handmade.and i gotta go with the Wonderland pack…i am in love with the butterflies and flowers.emdubroc@gmail.com

  42. >You have lovely products and what a great sense of colour you have. I have to say that the Oh La La bag is probably my fav – right up there with the Wonderland Charm Pack!!!!! Hope you have/had a fabulous vacation. P.S. Great blog:)

  43. >Hello Anna and Regina….I love your baby diaper bag….haven’t any babies though. :-/ Next I think I like the rose and red gingham pillow cover. I also like the background on your blog. :-)Oh and….Anna…you did a fantastic job on that header in your Etsy shop.Hope you girls had a beautiful day…..

  44. >HiI love the retro flowers pillowcase kitAnd the wonderland fabrics are awesomeawesome blog and good luck with the shop:) Ravenraven@ravensrags.com

  45. >I love the retro flowers pillowcase kits. It is sometimes fun to do a cute project from a kit, because the materials are right there.I love the Wonderland Charm pack.Thanks for hosting the drawing.Anna S.annasoc1(at)verizon(dot)net

  46. >Tne cutest item is the retro flowers pillowcase. For a fun afternoon, I love doing cute projects from kits, since all of the materials are there.I would choose the Wonderland Charm pack.Thanks.Anna S.

  47. >I love the train pillowcase kit! My grandson is crazy about trains and he would love it! And my fav charm pack is Beach House.Your blog is great too!karen

  48. >I love all 3 choices of charm packs. From the Crafty Girl Workshop, my favorite would have to be the Charming Tote. I have made several of these but have not found the time to make myself one. One of these days, I think.

  49. >i could not choose what one would be my favorite set of charms–each one could work up into something wonderful. i really ejoyed looking at your etsy shop as well–lots of great things, but my 2 favorites were the ooo-la-la bag (probably not the real name of it, but the black and white one that is just WAY too cute!) and the gorgeous hand embroidered pillow….wow!!! just beautiful!lynnecrowleylynne@yahoo.composting it just in case i win LOL

  50. >I think the Hand Embroidered Pillow is gorgeous!!!!I think I would have to choose The Wonderland Charm Pack – it is pretty…nhsarab@yahoo.com

  51. >Your Ooh La La bag is fabulous! The ruffle and buttons really make the bag. I also like the burp cloths, what a cute idea. My girls are almost grown, but those would have made a much nicer addition to my shoulder than the plain diapers I used.Although I like all three charm packs in the giveaway, my favorite is Aviary.I hope you had a great time while you were away!Robinrharvey619@yahoo.com

  52. >Your Ooh La La bag is my favorite item in your store. The ruffle and buttons make the bag so special. I also like the decorator burp cloths – so much nicer than what I used way back then.Although I like all three charm packs in your giveaway, the one I like best is Aviary.I hope you had a great time while you were away!Robinrharvey619@yahoo.com

  53. >Myyyy a hard decision between the Ohh la la bag & the Charming Tote-Prairie Paisley… I think the Paisley tote wins as it looks so pratical as well as looking snappy too… I would love to be included in your draw – my fave is the Beach house… make me think of holiday time… yaaa OOroo… Bethel of Bethania

  54. >Oooh, Wonderland would be my pick for the charm pack.In your shop I really like the Fancy Burbcloths set.

  55. >What a generous giveaway — thank you. I like the Ooo La La bag. It’s fun, funky, and different than anything in a store. Likewise, the Wonderland Charm Pack is my funky favorite.

  56. >Oh how fun!!!Ok I like Wonderland the best. Those colors are actually calling my name!and… I dig the peanuts out of the Pillowcase Kit – Retro Flowers. Cause… I loves me some teal. I mean seriouslys.HUGS!

  57. >I like the funky fairies pillowcase with the cute lace detail. Who wouldn’t want to rest their head on cute fairies?I would choose the Wonderland pack, it’s so cute.

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